New update v5.3 – Whats new and How to upgrade

We have just released new version 5.3

Whats new in 5.3 ?

The new version is designed to achieve maximum performance with minimum resources

Previously our users were facing performance issues when their campaign history was full of hundreds of completed campaigns. It has been fixed in new version. We have moved to different database to solve this problem.

We have made many other changes to the software architecture to make it possible to release future updates faster without requiring any further manual upgrades from your side. We will be releasing many exciting features soon!

How to upgrade ?

If you are using older versions, you will soon stop receiving future updates. So its neccessary to upgrade to 5.3 as soon as possible.

Just take a backup of data of current version by navigating to “Settings” page and clicking “Backup” button. It should trigger the download of generated backup file in a while.

Now download and install latest version from this link:

After completing installation and activation, go to settings and restore the previously taken backup into new version. Once you get “Restore success” message, just refresh the page