How to Boost your Linkedin profile in 7 days using Linkedin

The best source of traffic to your LinkedIn profile is Linkedin itself.

There are multiple ways to drive traffic to your profile on Linkedin

  • View lot of other people’s profiles that you are interested in or that might be interested in your Linkedin profile
  • Write articles related to field of your business or your expertise
  • Like or comment on other people’s articles or updates
  • Endorse skills to other people

Out of these methods, viewing other people’s profile is very effective and gives you instant results

When you view a person’s profile, They get a notification that you have viewed their profile, which makes them curious to know who you are! This way you get a lot of views back to your profile.

But how many profiles you can view every day manually?  Maybe 10? or maximum 100?  How much time you might end up spending for that? That’s totally impractical

So, to make it practical you should try to automate profile viewing. By automating you can increase the number of profiles viewed and time saved.

The LinkedAutomate tool gives you the ability to automate profile views as one of its essential features

Profile view campaign

  • You can search on LinkedIn for profiles that might be interested in you, selecting preferred location, position and other factors offered by Linkedin and use it to create an auto view campaign
  • Also, choose profiles from various other sources like group members, list of profile URLs, etc
  • When automating some action, you should not overdo it to be on safer side, so set a limit on the number of views done per day.
  • Select a reasonable time duration for viewing each profile by adjusting ‘delay’ parameter
  • Optionally enable endorsing skills to profile of person viewed which gives extra boost

Once you run auto view campaign, LinkedAutomate tool will take care of rest like opening a browser tab, navigating through profiles, scrolling down endorsing skills, stopping campaign when limit per day has reached and resuming campaign next day, etc.

If you run a campaign with 500-1000 profile views per day for 7 days, you will start seeing the spike in the number of people who viewed your profile! Based on our observation you will get 10-20% views back.

1000 profile views per day X 7 days = 7000 views  ==> 7000 x 0.2 = 1400 views to your profile in a week!