It is available as a google chrome extension (not available in the chrome web store but can be installed easily).

It works just like a cloud-based app because of the following reasons

  • You don’t have to keep the linkedin page or even the chrome window open for it to work, it runs as a background process even after the browser is closed. As long as your computer is running.
  • If you want to run it even when your computer is OFF then you can set it up on the cloud with the help of cheap windows VPS. We recommend reach for cheap windows vps (as low as $7 per month)
  • It can run continuously or day by day without requiring you to access it every day. In short, you can set and forget

Main features

1. Automated connection requests

  • Send automatic connection requests to people from various sources such as linkedin search, sales navigator search, linkedin group members list, linkedin profile URLs list
  • Generate personalized connection request notes for each connection request from a common message template. Personalization tags/shortcodes supported: First name, Last name, Company Name, Location
  • Send Welcome message to new connections with an auto messaging campaign

2. Automated messages

  • Send personalized messages to your Linkedin connections, or any other set of people from various sources as mentioned above.
  • Generate personalized messages for each connection from a common message template. Personalization tags/shortcodes supported: First name, Last name, Company Name, Location
  • Exclude people whom you have already contacted
  • Exclude people based on keywords in the profile
  • Create a drip campaign to send messages in sequence until you get a reply
  • Add people to the conversation or create a group conversation (coming soon)

3. Auto Profile View and Endorse

  • View profiles of other members, and attract views to your profile
  • Ability to endorse the skills of the person while viewing profile
  • Export profiles viewed to csv, spreadsheet

4. Auto Linkedin post engagements

  • Like, share, and comment on your prospects’ latest posts as they are added to grab their attention and make them feel good.
  • Engage consistently to make them remember you more. Configure repetition intervals
  • Create multiple variations of replies and choose random comment to post each time

Other useful features:

  1. Powerful Campaign manager
  2. Wide range of sources to pull profiles from Linkedin and sales navigator search, Group Members, All 1st Connections, Profile URLs list, Existing campaigns, People interacted with a particular type of content from Content search (coming soon)
  3. Real-Time progress, view and manage a queue of profiles in the campaign, import/export list
  4. Automated updates (no need to install updates manually)
  5. Backup and restore whole data
  6. Manage template lists for auto-connecting and messaging
  7. Configure campaigns to run on a daily basis, limit per day, the start time of day, the delay between actions
  8. Export the profiles list from any campaign and import it back – Provides extended control over the campaign’s data
  9. Drip messaging, Reply detection
  10. Powerful list manager – search people from all campaigns, edit profile fields, tagging, notes, etc
  11. Access paid/free add-ons from a single page.
  12. Free addon: Un-inviter – withdraw sent connection requests pending from last N days. Paid addons: Linkedin connection remover, Linkedin connections exporter
  13. Slack integration – send notifications on new connections, new message,s, etc.
  14. Webhook integrations – send all activities and data to webhook such as Zapier automate further
  15. Reporting – Show statistics and performance graphs of profile views, connection requests, messages, over a given date range
  16. Unlimited Campaigns
  17. Unlimited automated sequences
  18. Schedule multiple campaigns in advance
  19. Resume sequence
  20. Target Sales Navigator search results
  21. Target Recruiter Lite search results
  22. Target based on LinkedIn post engagement
  23. Target imported lists (CSV)
  24. Create and manage [peronalization] placeholders
  25. Built LinkedIn advanced messenger
  26. Analytics dashboard
  27. Ability to assign tags to profiles and messages
  28. Blacklist function
  29. Military-grade  support

Why are we different from our competitors?

  • We have an automated updating system to make bug fixes available to users within an hour or two
  • Our tool is undetectable by linkedin since it never injects any code into linkedin pages. It works completely isolated from linkedin.
  • The tool has a campaign management system to allow more control over your strategy. You can link between campaigns or organize your goals with different campaigns

Frequently asked questions

1. How can I add another Linkedin account/Does it support multiple linkedin accounts?

Basically, it supports only one account per installation. But you can manage multiple accounts on the same computer with the help of chrome user accounts (called ‘people’). Create a new user account in chrome browser and install the extension again on that account

2. Do I get separate keys for each user?

You get once license key per purchase and this key will allow you to activate multiple installations up to the number of users you have purchased. Once you exceed the activation limit, you can deactivate any of the previous installations to free up the slot for a new installation.