Double your cold outreach response rate on Linkedin by following this simple technique

Outreaching strangers on linkedin just to sell something directly is not a good idea.

You need to nurture/warm up the prospects before getting into a conversation with them. You need to make them curious about you by creating awareness / showing your presence

You can make it more interesting to the prospects by making them a favor: Liking, Sharing, and Commenting positive thoughts on their linkedin posts/articles

When I did that on my linkedin account, I saw very good results. Some prospects viewed my profile, few replied to my comments and few thanked me for sharing their post!

Now you can guess why engaging with prospects is so powerful strategy to increase response rate of both connection requests and cold outreach messages.

And the good news is that you can automate this completely with the help of LinkedAutomate

Here’s how to auto engage (like, share and reply) with your prospects’ new linkedin updates as they are posted and later target them on the auto-connect or auto message campaign:

  1. Create an auto engage camaign

    Create an auto engage campaign

    Choose “Auto engage” as the campaign objective to configure auto engagement parameters

  2. Select a source from which the profiles are pulled

    You can choose to pull profiles from any of these sources
    Linkedin people search
    Linkedin sales navigator
    Linkedin group members
    Linkedin profile URLs list
    New connections
    Linkedin post likers/commenters
    Another campaign’s list

    Linkedautomate campaign sources

  3. Select engagement types

    There are 3 types of engagement types available: Like, Share and Comment. You can choose a few of them or all of them based on your preference. You can also create a set of comment variations and LinkedAutomate will pick random comments and post on the prospect’s post.

    LinkedAutomate engagement automation types

  4. Choose frequency of engagement per profile

    LinkedAutomate will keep engaging with your lead’s latest posts once in every X days period as configured by you

  5. Configure exclusion filters to avoid engaging with certain types of profiles

    You can exclude profiles based on keywords present in the profile or the presence of the profile in any other old campaigns in LinkedAutomate.

  6. Configure number of profiles to engage with per day and Delay between engagements

    To be on the safer side, it is important to work slowly especially in the beginning, and slowly ramp up the activity as you feel comfortable.
    Don’t worry, LinkedAutomate will keep running in the background the whole day

  7. Now create an auto connect campaign to target same profiles

    Create a new campaign, choose “Auto connect” as campaign objective and then choose “Other campaign” as campaign source to target same profiles with whom you’ve been engaging with previous campaign.
    Craft a personalized intro message using dynamic placeholders and run the campaign.