Convert any linkedin event attendees into hot leads with this simple growth hack

Linkedin recently rolled out new features that allow its users to host events and invite people to attend the event

Event hosts do all the hard work to find people who are interested in this topic and invite them to attend their event. They might have invited these event attendees from their own mailing list or social media follower base or advertising campaigns.

Now, being growth hackers our job is to figure out quick hacks to make use of this feature of linkedin for our own benefit

So let’s talk about how we can use Linkedin events to find hot prospects and convert them into leads by doing linkedin automation

Events are usually conducted based on one particular niche or topic. Find an event that is closely related to the niche of your business and has a good number of attendees.

People who are attending an event are people who are willing to study about the topic in depth with their own self interest.

We all know how much effort / planning it takes to generate sales through outbound marketing, and the low success rates compared to organic traffic / inbound marketing

This is because cold outreaching without strong reasons is like asking people to eat food when they are not hungry.

If they figure out you are trying to hard sell, It immediately triggers a psychological barrier in the prospect’s mind and creates a bad impression about you. So it doesn’t matter whether they are interested in your offer not. You are mostly going to get rejected.

There are many people who are doing bad cold outreach on Linkedin trying to hard sell from the very beginning. Due to this people started becoming more and more cautious when accepting connection requests and deciding to respond to messages from strangers.

Conversion is rate is very low in cold outreach because of this reason

But when you have a strong reason to mention to the prospect, and the prospect has a willingness to study the topic in-depth (which is the reason why they are attending the event), they are more likely to listen to you and think about your offer

There you go, now you have a strong reason to tell them why are you approaching them.

Wait!! now don’t get excited and send messages to event attendees by mentioning that you found them attending an event and you thought they might be interested in your offer!!

You should study well what this event is about, Who are the event hosts, Is it already over, etc, and then try to relate to these facts in your messages. And then carefully craft a message template.

Now lets talk about how to execute this plan with the help of LinkedAutomate

Here is a small gif demo to give you a quick idea of how it is done

Steps to generate leads by sending outreach messages to linkedin event attendees:

  1. Search for events related to topics in your niche

    Go to linkedin search and select the “Events” as search type. Then enter the topic keywords

  2. Click on the “Attend” button

    Fill out your contact details (if required). This will give you access to event attendees list

  3. Click on “Attendees” link┬áto search people attending this event

    Once you are on linkedin people search page with event attendees filter ON, you add more filters to narrow down the prospects list

  4. Send connection requests with LinkedAutomate

    Use the resulting url from the address bar to create auto connect campaign targeting these filtered event attendees.
    Configure it to send a personalized invitation note.
    Mention the common facts about the event and your offer

  5. Send personalized messages along with common facts about the event and your offer

    Create an auto message campaign to target people who accepted your connection requests with personalized message template and follow up messages.
    Remember, follow up messages are important to remind them about your offer.

  6. Engage with the prospects by liking their posts and updates

    You can do this from the very beginning till the end to increase the awareness by nurturing cold leads to increase connection request acceptance rate and message opening rate