7 Tips to write an effective LinkedIn profile for lead generation

We all know how important LinkedIn is for prospecting and recruiting. LinkedIn has millions of users, and if you want to get noticed in the crowd, you need to learn strategies on how to write a compelling LinkedIn profile.

Optimizing the LinkedIn profile is the first thing to do before doing anything else on Linkedin.

How to write a profile headline

The headline is the first thing the viewer looks at when they view your profile. Use it wisely to let the visitors why are you so special to create the best first impression

Here are some examples for writing great headlines

  • Coached 1000+ People During 15 Year Sales & Marketing Career. Private Health Coaching
  • I teach you how to sell services with cold email. Helped 1700+ people. You will get clients if you do what I say.
  • $40k/day FB ads || Psychology Supernerd
  • I turn your ideas into dollars and teach you how to master execution | Helped 750+ people
  • UI/UX Agency. I have REAL credentials to help you with e-commerce.

Points to be noted from above examples

  • Mention your skills and the results you’ve got from them.
  • Read what leaders in your industry are writing in their headlines to get inspiration.
  • Mention the results in terms of numbers that you have achieved with your skill

Have a branded background photo

Many people on LinkedIn either don’t have a background photo or have one that is entirely unrelated to what they do.

Many people who do have a background photo have a beautiful picture of the scenery. It’s great if they are branding themselves as a photographer or if they’re in the photo industry.

Consider having your company’s logo and a short value pitch along with a photo that represents your company’s brand.

There are several tools that can help you easily create a branded background image for your LinkedIn profile.

Use apps like Canva to create a great background image

Your profile summary

Deliver your value pitch in the summary.

Your summary needs to focus on what you bring to the table as a solutions expert for your company.

Lastly, make sure to have a call to action at the end, so your prospects know what to do next and how to reach you.

You need to have at least two pieces of multi-media content displayed on your profile. They can be links to blog posts, videos, or landing pages.

Think of your profile as your personal sales presentation to prospects. Strong visual aids are a must in any sales pitch. You can attach multi-media content to your summary section and the experience section.

Break it up

Whether you’re using LinkedIn for sales prospecting you’ll need your profile to be easy to digest if you want people to stick around.
If you present them with big chunks of text or long sentences that don’t seem to go anywhere, they’ll turn their attention somewhere else.

Get recommendations from your clients

One of the best sales tools on LinkedIn is the ability to get recommendations from clients and then prominently display them on your profile.
LinkedIn recommendations are especially powerful because they are tied directly to people’s profiles.
In other words, your prospects can click through to see that the review came from a real person in the business community.

Once your profile is ready, you can start inviting people and grow your network. If you are super busy you can also use LinkedAutomate to accelerate your LinkedIn invites and messaging.

Writing a catchy headline and a powerful summary is just the beginning.
There are many areas to improve to get maximum results from linkedin prospecting. We will keep posting about them on our blog.
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